Kayak North Tour

Welcome to discover what we call the
“Napa Amazon”. The foliage gets denser
and more diverse the further North you travel.

The waters turn from a salt-fresh mix
which is called “bracish” to a clear fresh
water in the far reaches.

Your day will begin at Oxbow Public
Market the location of our office.
With your gourmet lunch and camera
in hand the tour will be relaxing,
enjoyable and you will come
back with a renewed spirit.

Along the way you may
also encounter “Henry” a
fabulous blue heron with
a wing span longer than
both your arms stretch out.

Henry may play a game of
“Catch me if you can”
with kayakers.

Kayak River North

By the way just so you know
Henry always wins!

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Groups 6+ and Multi-tours

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