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Join us in 2013 to explore the beauty around us. Often we get so busy in our daily lives that we don’t notice what a beautiful place we live in. The idea of the Adventure Club is to get out and enjoy the world.

We are going to host a series of Adventures which include activities such as Hiking, Boat in Camping, Spelunking and for the more extreme adventurer even Skydiving.

This is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and experience great adventures right here in your own backyard and around the world!


Adventure Clubs 2013 Events

January 1st   Hiking, Yoga and lunch.

February 2nd   Bowling and Get to know you party.

March 3rd   Bicycle Safety, Maintenance,  intro  to bike riding - with wine bicycle, …country ride.

April   7th   Eco Kayaking tour &  Napa river clean up

May   10th ,11th ,12th  Weekend at Bothe State Park, Camping, hiking, mountain bike ride with                      First aid,  CPR  training and certification.

June     9th    Bike Sonoma

July    13th .14th  kayaking to boat in camping at Point Reyes

Aug    11th     Zipline and hike

Sept   6th 7th 8th  Labor day weekend Family  camp out .

Oct   4th .5th .6th     Hike, bike Yosemite

Nov  3rd   Charity Event

Dec   7th   Chistmas Party

Jan     TBA  Date  Hawaiian  adventure . Bike ,hike, snorkel,  Dive  10 days of pure adventure.

Membership details and benefits
Membership fee $75
Membership includes
free full day kayak or bike rental
10% all services and products at team NVAT
CPR and First Aid Certification,
20% off Monthly Events (bowling not included)
Make new friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.


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